Before you spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars with your physician, use Check My Testosterone to see whether your testosterone levels fall in the normal range using a simple test.

In the setting of your own home, without any doctor’s appointment or long lines, we provide and empower you with the right testing options to improve your own health intelligence.  We utilize top CLIA certified laboratories and board certified physicians analyze and review your data.  In a few days, your results are available online in a simple and easy to read format.

If our tests indicate a low testosterone level, you should consider a professional opinion about the potential benefit of testosterone replacement therapy. If your levels are within a normal range, we offer additional key laboratory and hormonal testing that can offer potential insights into your performance or symptoms.

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  1. Using our secure servers, click your preferred testosterone test and important performance panels
  2. Purchase your test with a simple click
  3. get your blood drawn at one of our convenient certified laboratory centers near you OR
  4. have a home saliva and dry spot testing kit delivered to your doorstep. Collect your sample and drop it in your mailbox in the provided prepaid envelope.
  5. In a few days, we will send you a HIPAA compliant electronic copy of your results to your email or to our secure portal.

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Please read our FAQs to learn more about testosterone and the effects on your body. Thanks for checking us out and making us a part of your team helping you live life to the fullest.