Home Testosterone Saliva Test Kit
$69 - Free Shipping!

– Conveniently collect your saliva sample in a kit mailed directly to you.

– Collection instructions provided.

– Return your sample using the prepaid shipping label.


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Laboratory Blood Test (Male Only)

– Get tested conveniently at any of our CLIA certified laboratories.

– Over 2,300 QuestDiagnostic Lab locations nationwide.

- No appointment needed.


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Need Help Deciding?

Home Saliva Test Kit vs Laboratory Blood Draw

Rest assured that BOTH testing options are ordered and reviewed by board certified physicians – with accurate results available online.

Home Test

Home testosterone test kits use Saliva samples to measure your free testosterone levels. This is a more modern and convenient testing method that is gaining popularity. These results focus more on the bioavailable testosterone which may be directly related to symptoms of testosterone deficiency.

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Laboratory Blood Testing

This is a more traditional venipuncture lab test that your primary care doctor might order during an office visit.  At present, the Endocrine Society Clinical Practice Guidelines recommends the Total Testosterone Blood draw option as it’s test choice for evaluation of possible testosterone deficiency.

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The Bottom Line

Both testing options will provide you a good baseline screening and a doctor order will be provided for whichever option you choose.